A screenshot of the Academy.

Academy (iOS)

The Academy in the iOS version.

The Academy is one of the various structures in the Fire Village where players can learn techniques from Shin.

Players can learn Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, and Genjutsu by purchasing them with Gold or Tokens. In the web version, techniques that are purchased with Tokens are Kinjutsu and those attacks have various effects.

All techniques up until level 11 can be learned instantly, as well as Kinjutsu. Techniques that are level 11 or higher (not including Kinjutsu) includes a Training Time which is a delay on how long the player will be able to learn the technique(s) after purchase. Training Time varies from 1 hour (level 11) to 24 hours (level 31+) based on level, then 36 hours after level 60.

Available techniques

Today, there are a total of 187 techniques in the Academy; 163 Ninjutsu, 20 Taijutsu (only 1 of them can no longer be purchased), and 4 Genjutsu. Within all of those techniques, there are 19 Kinjutsu (16 from Ninjutsu, 3 from Genjutsu) that are available in the Academy.


Main article: Ninjutsu

There are 5 different elements of Ninjutsu that can be purchased and learned from the Academy--Wind, Fire, Thunder, Earth, Water--although only two different elements of Ninjutsu can be purchased by free users while Ninja Emblem users can purchase up to three different elements of Ninjutsu.

Today, there are 201 Ninjutsu that are available in the Academy; 38 Ninjutsu in each of the five elements but there are 11 additional Refresh skills (up to 12 ranks) for the Water element. Included in those Ninjutsu, there are six Kinjutsu in each element of Ninjutsu.


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As of today, there are 20 Taijutsu in the Academy but there are 19 that can be purchased and learned from the Academy. One of the Taijutsu (which is a Kinjutsu) can no longer be purchased from the Academy (from October 6, 2011 to October 24, 2011) which is Kinjutsu: Phantom Impulse. Other than that Kinjutsu, there are no other Kin-Taijutsu that can be purchased from the Academy and all Taijutsu (besides Kinjutsu: Phantom Impulse) can be purchased with Gold only.


Main article: Genjutsu

As of today, there are 4 Genjutsu that can be purchased and learned from the Academy although a free user is able to learn three of the four Genjutsu since one of the Genjutsu requires a Ninja Emblem to purchase (Kinjutsu: Sexy Girl Transformation).

There is only one normal Genjutsu that can be purchased with Gold and there are three Genjutsu that are Kinjutsu that can be purchased with Tokens.

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