8th Anniversary
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Time-Limited Event avilability
Event Name : 8th Anniversary
Date Start : July 2017
Date End : August 31, 2018
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All Anniversary event are seasonal events, released every year for celebrating the Ninja Saga, usually appears in around Ninja Saga release date. Each anniversary event usually contain different task, reward, and other limited content. But, there is a small chance to re-appears an existing (and limited) stuff ever release during previous event, called classic reward.

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The Story

It is time for the 8th Anniversary celebration, and Kage decided to have a carnival at the fire village and invited with other ninja elites. As it is a rare chance, the Kage has decided to held a ninjutsu competition, allowing the participants to sharpen their skills. Other than just dueling, there are lots of side events held for ninjas to have fun.

Battle Arena

The Bosses


Defeating Chika has a chance to get a Fire Element Badge and/or a 8th Anniversary Lottery Ticket.


Defeating Chojuro has a chance to get a Water Element Badge and/or a 8th Anniversary Lottery Ticket.


Defeating Shinja has a chance to get a Wind Element Badge and/or a 8th Anniversary Lottery Ticket.


Defeating Eiichi has a chance to get a Thunder Element Badge and/or a 8th Anniversary Lottery Ticket.


Defeating Osahiko has a chance to get a Earth Element Badge and/or a 8th Anniversary Lottery Ticket.

Costume Party

8th Anniversary Limited Shop.jpeg

Design Competition

Players were allowed to submit their designs for Ninja Saga's Clothing Design Competition.


i) Rank 1-3 designers will get the top 3 designed Ninja sets for FREE.
ii) Rank 1-3 designers will also get 1000, 500, and 250 Tokens accordingly.
iii) Rank 4-6 designers will get 100 tokens and their own designed Ninja sets for FREE.

  • All characters within the winners' account can get the rewards.


  • Rank 1

Design: Night Tengu Set
Designer: Vicky A
Country: Indonesia

  • Rank 2

Design: High Tech Set
Designer: Leonel Arteaga
Country: Venezuela

  • Rank 3

Design: Conjurer Set
Designer: Crossbone
Country: Indonesia

  • Rank 4

Design: Saint Knight Set
Designer: 俄方
Country: Singapore

  • Rank 5

Design: Magic Emisary Set
Designer: Tri
Country: Indonesia

  • Rank 6

Design: Cyborg Set
Designer: Mohd Harith Syazwan
Country: Malaysia (Sarawak)

Limited Shop

A clothing shop selling limited sets.

Popsicle Shop

Popsicle Shop.png

The Popsicle Shop gives out rewards daily. For Emblem Users, each character can receive two rewards daily from it; Free Users can draw once per day.


Secret Rewards

There are three secret rewards available:

The Secret Scroll of Wisdom, 2000 Token, and the Shichishito (Weapon).

Other Rewards

These rewards are varying amounts of: XP (1%, 2%, 5%, 10%), gold (10000, 30000, 50000, 100k), TP pills, and tokens (5, 10, 25,50).

Mini Game

New Mini Game

The Mini Game is a game in which a player has to eat Ramen without having to raise the temperature bar. Winning the game rewards the player one of the three materials: Ramen Bowl (Red), Ramen Bowl (Yellow), Ramen Bowl (Blue). The materials can be exchanged in the Materials Market for a Kinjutsu: Kinjutsu: Fire Chopsticks Combo / Kinjutsu: Chopsticks Combo

Mini Game gameplay

Anniversary Packages

There are four available packages available for purchase during the 8th Anniversary Event.

8th anniversary packages.png

Susanoo no Mikoto

Skill package for Susanoo no Mikoto.

Red Flash Jutsu

Skill package for Red Flash Jutsu.

8th Anniversary Set

Package for 8th Anniversary Set.

Special Curse Ninja Set

Package for Special Curse Ninja Set.

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