7th Anniversary
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Event Name  : 7th Anniversary
Date Start  : July 8, 2016
Date End  : ongoing
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Christmas 2016 7th Anniversary Ninja Carnival
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From in-game description:

Every 20 years, the power of Four Symbols -- Azure Dragon, Vermilion Bird, White Tiger, and Black Turtle awakens.

This time, this reawakening power comes during our anniversary festival.

Each of the Four Symbols owns the divine power of its type, but unfortunately, their power is totally out of control in the beginning phase, bringing great danger to the world.

To prevent the catastrophe, ninjas of all villages join their hands to suppress the outburst of divine power, until the Four Symbols sink into sleep again.

Considering the uniqueness of the Four Symbols each, Kage said, cautious use of jutsu is of ultimate importance. Under the invitation of Kage, masters of each jutsu rush to here to instruct ninjas in the fight against the Four Symbols.

For our joyfulness and enjoyment of the anniversary, work with all you might.


  • In the real world, Four Symbols refer to four legendary creatures in the Chinese constellations, each of which represents a direction and a season.[1]
    • Azure Dragon represents the East and Spring
    • Vermilion Bird represents the South and Summer
    • White Tiger represents the West and Autumn
    • Black Turtle represents the North and Winter


  1. Four Symbols (China)
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