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Event Name  : 5th Anniversary
Date Start  : 16 September 2014
Date End  : 4 December 2014
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The 5th Anniversary is a seasonal event that is dedicated on celebrating the fifth year of Ninja Saga. Anniversary events will be released every year, usually appearing around the initial release date of the game. Such events usually provides different lore, task, reward, and other limited contents but there is a chance that skills and items from previous anniversaries to re-appear during the current one.

The initial launch of this anniversary event was supposedly July 2014 but was delayed due to the release of Sennin Campaign. It actually starts at 16 September 2014 and ended at 4 December 2014.

During the 5th Anniversary, the previous event is still active. The national football jerseys are still available to purchase for 100 token (each) in the Shop.


  • 5th Anniversary Theme
  • 5th Anniversary Halloween Theme

During the event, players can battle the Zords in order to collect materials. There are a total of 5 animal Zords each player needs to defeat to battle the boss of the Zords, the Batarizord. Each character will get an exclusive pet which is known as the Blue Cybot only for the first victory against Batarizord. Materials gathered can be used to exchange with weapons, jutsus and robotic pets in the Materials Market. After claiming a pet from the Materials Market, players can use it to battle inside the Pet Arena. There is a Card Gacha, which is used to get helpful cards for pet battles and Card Album for claiming exclusive rewards.

During 21 October 2014, the Halloween event started with the 5th Anniversary still active. New exclusive Halloween event items and style are added in the Materials Market. A new 5th Anniversary Halloween Theme has been added at 23 October 2014. As for 13 November 2014, the Halloween event ended and replaced with the Thanksgiving Event. A new theme has also been added exclusively for Thanksgiving. But as of 4 December 2014, the anniversary event ends along with the Thanksgiving Event.


5th Anniversary Story

The time has come, its the Fire Village's Anniversary Ceremony. Its time to enjoy! As Kage Yudai was entertaining the kids, a mystery guest appears. It is Kage Batari from the Atom Village! Looks like he wants to celebrate with them. He brought some of his inventions which are Robopets. The local scientists have fallen in love with his technologies and decided to work on with it. Adorable Robopets are now in the process of training!

As the battles with the Robopets ends, Kage Batari celebrated the anniversary merrily and finally should head back to the Atom Village with his pet Chibi Tyrannzord. During his journey to home, Kage Batari is not quite satisfied. He wishes he could stay longer. They decided to make a return to the Fire Village dressed up in Halloween costumes to spook their friends with the most terrifying robotic roars ever heard in the history of Fire Village! Halloween is coming!

Halloween was quite spooky and scary but it has came to an end. There is still one more event coming. Its Thanksgiving! The robopets choose to dress up as American Football Players. Its time for American Football! But wait, where are the turkeys?

Zord Battles

5th anniversary battle-icon

Zord Battle is a part of the 5th anniversary event, starting from 16 September 2014. Players can battle the Zords to collect materials. During 21 October 2014, a new pack of spooky zords replaced the old zords. The spooky zords are still the same as the old zords but differ in the appearance with increased strength. Thanksgiving event starts on 13 November 2014 replacing the Halloween event. The normal zords came again with a new opponent which is the football Player Turkey. Players will need to fight both the zords they have chosen to fight with the football player turkey in each battle. They can randomly drop new Thanksgiving event materials.

The Zords:

Battle Overview


There will be an energy bar containing 5 units of Energy. Each player will need to consume 1 Energy with for each battle with the Zords. Free Users and Premium Users usually get 1 Energy per hour respectively during daily battle. It is optional to use 60 Tokens to refill the energy bar to the max. THERE ARE NO other options to refill the energy such as asking your friend or using Energy Capsule.   

In the event, players will need to battle the Zords which is actually five different animal robots. The last one is the Batarizord, a combination of the 5 previous Zords.

Player should defeat all 5 animal robots (3 times each) before fighting against the Batarizord, the combination of the previous 5 animal robots. Then, the process repeats.

All zords have a random chance of dropping Iron Screw and Pet Arena ticket. But Each type of animal Zord offers different types of Energy Core. Only the Batarizord has a chance to drop all type of Cores.


Materials can be gathered from Zord Battle and then can be used to exchange items and jutsus in the Materials Marker starting from 16 September 2014.

Icon Name Description Obtained by
Black Energy Core Black Energy Core (Material)

Black Energy Core

Random chance by Zord Battle Reward.
Blue Energy Core Blue Energy Core (Material)

Green Energy Core

Random chance by Zord Battle Reward.
Green Energy Core Green Energy Core (Material)

Green Energy Core

Random chance by Zord Battle Reward.
Red Energy Core Red Energy Core


Red Energy Core

Random chance by Zord Battle Reward.
Yellow Energy Core Yellow Energy Core


Yellow Energy Core

Random chance by Zord Battle Reward.
Iron Screw Iron Screw (Material)

Iron Screw

Random chance by Zord Battle Reward.
Victory Badge
Victory Badge (Material)

Victory Badge

Reward for each victory in Pet Arena.
Pet Arena Ticket
Pet Arena ticket

(Ninja Essence)

5th Anniversary limited

Random chance by Zord Battle Reward.

Materials Market Item

The 5th Anniversary offer WeaponPet, Consumable Item, and Ninja Essence as exchangeable rewards. the 3rd Anniversary's skills and weapons known as (Shichishito series) were actually re-released in this event. New Halloween Items including Back Item, Clothing and Hair Style were added at 21 0ctober 2014. Players will need to collect enough Materials required to exchange with it folowing by :

Level Icon Name Gear Damage Description Obtained By
10 Shichishito - Ne Shichishito: Ne Weapon 55

Level: 10
Damage: 55

Increase 1% accuracy.
Increase maximum HP by 138.
Increase maximum CP by 184.

Materials Market :

20 Shichishito - Mizunoto Shichishito: Mizunoto Weapon 110

Level: 20
Damage: 110

Increase 3% accuracy.
Increase maximum HP by 258.
Increase maximum CP by 344.

Materials Market :

40 Shichishito - Ushi Shichishito: Ushi Weapon 220

Level: 40
Damage: 220

Increase 7% accuracy.
Increase maximum HP by 498.
Increase maximum CP by 664.

Materials Market :

60 Shichishito - Ushitora Shichishito: Ushitora Weapon 330

Level: 60
Damage: 330

Increase 10% accuracy.
Increase maximum HP by 788.
Increase maximum CP by 984.

Materials Market :

80 Shichishito - Tora Shichishito: Tora Weapon 440

Level: 80
Damage: 440

Increase 15% accuracy.
Increase maximum HP by 978.
Increase maximum CP by 1304.

Materials Market :

40 Black Bat Wand Black Bat Wand Weapon 220

Level: 40
Damage: 220

Increase 5% accuracy.
Take 18% damage by CP instead of HP (Ratio 1CP = 2HP).

Materials Market :

60 Devil Bat Axe Devil Bat Axe Weapon 330

Level: 60
Damage: 330

Inflict bloodfeed - recover HP after attack. (Amount: 5% of the attack damage).
Has 80% Chance to inflict bleeding when attack with weapon - Increase 15% damage taken for 2 turns.
Kill enemies instantly when their HP are less than 5%.

Materials Market :

80 Magic Eye Wand Magic Eye Wand Weapon 410

Level: 410
Damage: 410

Increases accuracy by 20%.
Poisons the target by 2% for 1 turn.
Burn the target by 1% for 1 turn.

Materials Market :

Back Items
Level Icon Name Gear Description Obtained By
25 Toxic Spider Web Toxic Spider Web Back Item (Back Item)

10% chance to apply 'Restriction' to the enemies who attacks the user for 1 turn.
5% chance to freeze the enemy who attacks the user (1 turn). 'Frozen' target cannot move but damage taken reduced by 80%.

Materials Market :

Ninja Essences
Level Icon Name Gear Description Obtained By
40 Small Talent Pill Small Talent Pill Ninja Essence (Ninja Essence)

Get 10 TP when used.
Jounin limited.

Materials Market :

40 Medium Talent Pill Medium Talent Pill Ninja Essence (Ninja Essence)

Get 20 TP when used.
Jounin limited.

Materials Market :

Level Icon Name Gear Description Obtained By
10 Necromancer Suit Necromancer Suit Clothing (Clothing)

Exclusive outfit for Halloween for 2014!

Materials Market :

Hair Styles
Level Icon Name Gear Description Obtained By
10 Head Hood Halloween Head Hood Halloween Hair Style (Hair Style)

Limited head hood for Halloween 2014!

Materials Market :

Gather materials from the zord battles to exchange for adorable robot Pet in the Materials Market. These pets can later be upgraded to a better version except Cybots:

Level Icon Name Gear Description Obtained By
1 Blue Cybot Blue Cybot Pet


Blue Cybot
Get Blue Cybot after a successful challenge against Batarizord in the 5th Anniversary event. (Only 1 per character)

Battle reward against Batarizord
1 Chibi Mastodonzord



Chibi Mastodonzord

Materials Market :

1 Chibi Pterodactylzord Chibi Pterodactylzord Pet


Chibi Pterodactylzord 

Materials Market :

1 Chibi Sabertooth Tigerzord Chibi Sabertooth Tigerzord Pet


Chibi Sabertooth Tigerzord

Materials Market :

1 Chibi Tricerzord Pet


Chibi Tricerzord

Materials Market :

1 Chibi Tyrannzord Pet


Chibi Tyrannzord

Materials Market :

Upgraded Pets
Level Icon Name Gear Description Obtained By
1 Chibi Intel Mastodonzord



Chibi Intel Mastodonzord

Upgrading Chibi Mastodonzord :

1 Chibi Intel Pterodactylzord Pet


Chibi Intel Pterodactylzord 

Upgrading Chibi Pterodactylzord :

1 Chibi Intel Sabertooth Tigerzord Pet


Chibi Intel Sabertooth Tigerzord

Upgrading Chibi Sabertooth Tigerzord :

1 Chibi Intel Tricerzord Pet


Chibi Intel Tricerzord

Upgrading Chibi Tricerzord :

1 Chibi Intel Tyrannzord Pet


Chibi Intel Tyrannzord

Upgrading Chibi Tyrannzord :

Element Icon Name Level Dmg CD CP Description Materials
Water Water 1 Kinjutsu: Reverse Moving Water 5 0 10 50 (Kinjutsu) User consumes all CP and fully restores HP
Fire Fire 1 Kinjutsu: Kagutsuchi Kimono 5 0 10 50 (Kinjutsu) User consumes all CP and gains the 'Damage Absorption' status (2 turns) (Convert 100% of taken damage to HP positively)
Earth Earth 1 Kinjutsu: Heavy Rock Martial Art 5 0 10 50 (Kinjutsu) User consumes all CP and gains the 'Debuff Resist' status and 'Guard' statuses (2 turns)
Wind Wind 1 Kinjutsu: Five Sense Breakthrough 5 0 10 50 (Kinjutsu) User consumes all CP and gains the 'Flexible' status (2 turns) (Increase dodge chance by 100%)
Thunder Thunder 1 Kinjutsu: Inazuma Mangedan 5 10 10 50 (Kinjutsu) User consumes all CP, target inflicts the 'Blind' status (2 turns) (extra 100% dodge rate during target's attack)
Thunder Thunder 2 Kinjutsu: Shadow Lightning Annihilation 40 496 10 462 (Kinjutsu) Stun target for 1 turn
Water Water 2 Kinjutsu: Mizu Dojigiri 40 496 10 0 (Kinjutsu) Does not consume CP
Fire Fire 2 Kinjutsu: Benika Ichimonji 40 541 10 420 (Kinjutsu) Strike of ultra-high accuracy
Wind Wind 2 Kinjutsu: Shokaze Futekina 40 361 4 336 (Kinjutsu) This jutsu which can be used more frequently
Earth Earth 2 Kinjutsu: Gan Ute 40 451 10 420 (Kinjutsu) Target inflicts 'Internal Injury' for 2 turns (Disable healing effect)
Earth Earth 3 Kinjutsu: Heavy Rock Destroyer Technique 80 891 10 820 (Kinjutsu) Target inflicts 'Muddy' status (2 turns) (Reduce 50% purify chance)
Fire Fire 3 Kinjutsu: Dragon Fire Majestic Arrow 80 1,069 10 820 (Kinjutsu) Strike of ultra-high accuracy
Wind Wind 3 Kinjutsu: Kamaitachi Gekitotsu 80 713 8 656 (Kinjutsu) Target's CP reduced by 1300
Water Water 3 Kinjutsu: Shin Breath Tower 80 802 10 820 (Kinjutsu) Target inflicts the 'Weaken' status (1 turn) (Reduce 100% attack damage)
Thunder Thunder 3 Kinjutsu: Five Finger Lightning Spear 80 980 6 450 (Kinjutsu) This jutsu can be used more frequently and consumes less CP


5th anniversary shop-icon

5TH Anniversary Package

Anniversary Package

5th Anniversary Package is a commercial offer in the 5th Anniversary event costing 5999 Tokens for Free User and a 40% off discount for Premium User, 3599 Tokens as the final price. This package was released on 16 September 2014.

5TH Anniversary Package
Level Icon Name Gear Damage Description Obtained By
10 Mech Ninja Mask Mech Ninja Mask Hair Style --

(Hair Style)

Buy 5th Anniversary Package

1 Mech Ninja Set (Silver) Mech Ninja Set Clothing --

Level: 1

5th Anniversary limited edition

Buy 5th Anniversary Package
50 Laser Sword I Laser Sword I Weapon 240

Level: 50
Damage: 240

Increase 25% accuracy.
Increase 5% Dodge
Kills enemies instantly when the target HP less than 8%

Buy 5th Anniversary Package
40 Summoning Batarizord's Revenge Summoning: Batarizord's Revenge Genjutsu 0

Level: 40
Chakra: 900
Cooldown: 15 turn

Reduce all targets HP by 10% for 2 turn

Buy 5th Anniversary Package


Sanbi 5th Anniversary

Sanbi is the Three Tails, a new addition to the Tailed-Beast Pet series. It can be claimed by purchasing a Ninja Emblem, 18,800 Tokens or 7,800 Tokens starting from 24 September 2014 in the 5th Anniversary Shop Hall.

Tails Shop

Tails Shop

Tails Shop or Tailed-Beast Shop is a section to buy special Tailed Beast pets. Kyubi is available to purchase starting from 14 October 2014. Other Tailed Beast pets coming soon

Jutsu Shop

The jutsu shop offers special and limited upgradable jutsus that can only be purchased with tokens. Although the event has finished, this shop is still active by clicking a new icon, added in the left side of the village.



Bingo Game

Bingo is a special game that replaces lucky draw in the previous anniversaries. Players will be given a Bingo card (Premium Users get 2 Bingo cards) and it is optional to purchase extra cards with 10 tokens each. The card contains numbers that should be marked. There is a bingo ball generator that generates a new bingo ball for every 3 hours. Once a new ball is generated, it will be sent to a ball conveyor that is able to hold up to 8 balls. The bingo balls move from left to right on the conveyor. If a new ball is generated when the conveyor is full, the rightmost ball (oldest bingo ball on the conveyor) will be discarded and the new generated ball will push the other 7 previous balls to the right taking the leftmost position until a new one is generated.

While the bingo balls are still on the conveyor, players can take a look at their Bingo card. If a number on any of the balls are similar on their Bingo card, they can mark the number automatically. If the player successfully mark 4 numbers and each of them are connected in a row (can be vertical, horizontal or inclined), the player gets a Bingo and may claim the reward. There is also a reward list so players will get different rewards for each Bingo (the more Bingo the player gets, the better the rewards). The defaulted card will refresh and replace with a new one for each Bingo. Only the purchased card will be used up.

Bingo Rewards
Level Icon Name Gear Damage Description Obtained By
10 Mech of Battle Gear Mech Of Battle Gear Back Item --

Level: 10

Increase critical chance 3% and critical damage 8%.

First Bingo reward
1 Mech Ninja Set (Red) Mech Ninja Set (Red) Clothing --

Level: 1

5th Anniversary Limited Edition

Third Bingo reward
50 Laser Sword II Laser Sword II Weapon 240

Level: 50
Damage: 240

Increase accuracy by 20%.
Increases dodge chance by 4% and critical chance by 4%.

Fifth Bingo reward
55 Kinjutsu Pressure Burst Kinjutsu: Pressure Burst Taijutsu 510

Level: 55
Chakra: 10
Damage: 510
Cooldown: 12 turns

(Kinjutsu) a high intensity attack that uses air pressure. Has a 60% chance to stun the target for 2 turns.

Seventh Bingo reward
-- Gold Cybot Gold Cybot Pet --

5th Anniversary Limited Edition

Tenth Bingo reward

Unstated Bingo rewards are Tokens.

Pet Arena

Pet Arena

Pet Arena is an arena where players can participate their Robopets in battles against other Robopets. Each battle uses up 2 Pet Arena ticket for Free Users and only 1 for Premium Users. However players have an option to buy the tickets up to 10 amount per purchase costing 3 Tokens each. Players are able to choose one of their Robopets claimed from the Materials Market to fight against another Robopet which the system controls.

The game is based on the classic game of rock paper scissors. There are only 3 skills available in the battle which are Scissor attack, Paper attack and Rock attack. Players will need to choose one of these skills for their Robopet to attack. At the same time, the system will randomly choose one of the attacks too. If both attack given from the player and the system are the same, it will be a draw. Players will need to choose a different attack from the system to either win or lose. If the player wins the rock paper scissors round, the player's Robopet will successfully attack the opponent. If the player loses it, the system's Robopet will attack player's Robopet instead. The Robopets are given HP in the battle so players will need to successfully attack the system's Robopet until its HP drains up to win the battle and be rewarded. Players will randomly get 3000 Gold, Victory Badge or Card Gacha Coin as the reward.

Rock Paper Scissors Technique:

  • Rock attack wins against Scissor attack
  • Scissor attack win against Paper attack
  • Paper attack wins against Rock attack

Ability Cards

Ability Cards

The Ability Cards is a section where players can visit the Card Gacha and Card Album.

Card Gacha

Card Gacha

Card Gacha is a special gacha to earn Pet Arena Battle Cards. These cards are used to power up and strengthen the player's Robopets in battles so there will be more chance of victory. The gacha offers 1 until 5 stars card prize. The higher the stars, the better the prize. Players need to use Card Gacha Coin to draw cards from it. It is optional for players to use Tokens to draw. There are 3 options of drawing.

Drawing options:

  • Normal = 1 - 3 stars Pet Arena Battle Cards costing 2 Card Gacha Coin or 10 Tokens (1x card per draw)
  • Advanced = 2 - 4 stars Pet Arena Battle Cards costing 4 Card Gacha Coin or 20 Tokens (1x card per draw)
  • Premium = 3 - 5 stars Pet Arena Battle Cards costing 30 Tokens (1x card draw) or 150 Tokens (6x cards draw)

Card Album

Card Album

Card Album is a collection of Pet Arena Battle Cards. Players will need to collect the required cards to claim rewards available in it.


Fanpage Reward

5th Anniversary Helmet

Start on 2 october until 7 October 2014, The ninja was available to Claim the 5th Anniversary Helmet link that posted on the NinjasagaOfficial Fanspage (FB), Or Click the link below and claim the 5th Anniversary Helmet! Available until Oct 7~

SHARE & get in the festive mood now! ->


  • Each character can only receive the Blue Cybot pet once.
  • The Shichishito series from the 3rd Anniversary was released again in this event.
  • The special 3rd Anniversary jutsus was also released again in this event


  • Zord Battle
  • 5th Anniversary Package
  • 700px|Reward List
  • Sanbi
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