2012 Valentine's Day Tuexdo
2012 Valentine's Day Tuexdo (black)
Type Body
Level 1
Gender Male
Cost No price
Sell 100,000 Gold (Can't be sold though)

2012 Valentine's Day

Obtained by

Claiming it as a reward on Stage 4 of the Pets & Love event by:

  • Teaching Kumanosuke a new skill, or skip this with 30 Tokens at max. If Kumanosuke already have all of his skills before reaching Stage 4, the player would have to pay with Tokens.
  • Collecting 3 Love Seeds, or skip this with 150 Tokens at max.

There is a chance to receive this as a reward on Stage 7 of Pets & Love by collecting 2 Love Seeds.

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  • There is a spelling error in the name of this clothing. Tuxedo has been misspelled as Tuexdo, obviously.
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