1st Anniversary
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Time-Limited Event avilability
Event Name  : 1st Anniversary
Date Start  : 20 July 2010
Date End  : 4 August
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1st Anniversary
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1st Anniversary
Logo 1st ann
The 1st Anniversary carnival of Ninja Saga became available on July 20 2010 but ended on August 4, 2011. During Ninja Saga's 1st Anniversary, players can do event daily missions to earn badges, spin the Anniversary Lucky Draw, get rewards, and battle against the Giant Dummy in the Hunting House.

Anniversary Lucky Draw

Anniversary Carnival Badges

Carnival Badges can be earned by completed the 1st Anniversary Daily Missions. These badges can be used to earn prizes including:

If the player can collect 15 or more Carnival Badges by the end of the event, the player can receive a limited carnival set.

Anniversary Daily Missions

There are 3 event daily missions during the 1st Anniversary including:

Giant Dummy

Main article: Giant Dummy

The Giant Dummy can be fought in the Hunting House after reaching Level 5.

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